……and at Sea Sky Villas, do we have a good head man!!

Elijah Nkhoma hails from Africa, in fact the city of Lilongwe in Malawi. Elijah came to South Africa to seek greener pastures and better work opportunities for himself and his family.

In my experience as a South African woman, every encounter I have had with the beautiful people Malawi has entranced me. They shine with hope and light. There is an ever ready smile that breaks across their countenance, that is all but arresting! Elijah is this and so much more.

Elijah’s first stop of residence and employ was in the bustling city of Gold , Gauteng. Being the very pulse and hub of the action, Gauteng can be a hard place to be. It has a raw dusty beauty and is a highly demanding city of commerce and industry. Many who relocate to Gauteng do it for a term in their lives, perhaps to stash away some cash or to take the reigns of a high powered position. Therefore it is often a city to put down roots for a season or two, and thereafter to perhaps seek a softer environment.

At some point he decided to visit friends in Cape Town, and here he fell in love with the Mother city. Her scenic beauty, her friendly cosmopolitan people and her gentler more laid back pace.

It soon became apparent to Elijah, that this was the city that he and his family could indeed put down deep roots. And that is exactly what Elijah did!

This was a good day for SeaSky Villas, as this was when they found their good head man!

Elijah has been with SeaSky Villas for ten great years.

Elijah’s role at SeaSky Villas is that of Property Manager. This is a highly responsible role, as his duties are to ensure that the entire offering of Seasky Villas is of the highest standard, and in so doing he is deemed as extremely valuable to the business. It is his very hands on approach that clients enjoy, and through his great work ethic they continue to return time and again.

Elijah tells me that the best part about his job at SeaSky Villas, is meeting International guests from different countries, enjoying the diversity of their cultures. To quote he says “ I love the fact that I learn new things, as each day presents with its own challenges. I am ever learning and growing in my field.”

I asked Elijah what makes him so special and good at his job? His feedback to me was quite astounding. To quote: “ self determination, excellent time management, and a good understanding of the expectations of my clients and the industry.” He claims that he plans ahead, he ponders on solutions and not problems in his continued quest to meet the standard his guests expect , as well as that of company vision and goals. When interviewing Elijah, he never failed to mention the valuable contribution of his twelve dedicated team members, who are all well trained and skilled. This demonstrates that Elijah is not just a head man, but a fine gentleman who is very aware that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

It is Elijah and his fine team who make up the back bone of SeaSkyVillas, ensuring that your stay will be a good one. You will be met daily with that great smile and gentle nature , a gentleman who is ready and eager to provide a high standard in the service industry here at SeaSky Villas.