Hezron Wadamu hails from Northern Malawi- Nkhata Bay to be exact, where he was raised by his family – this after being born in Nelspruit Mpumalanga , one of the most exquisitely beautiful parts of Southern Africa.

Like many of the people of Malawi, Hezron too has an adventurous spirit and was quite sure that there was more to life that he needed to explore. His curiosity took him as far South as the North West Province and then onto the city of Gold Gauteng, where he lived and worked for some time.

In June of 2012, Hezron ventured as far as the Mother City for a visit , and here like most people who come to the Cape , he fell in love with her beauty and her people. It was then that he made himself a promise to come back to search for employment opportunities.

He did just this in time and that is how he comes to be a fine property manager at SeaSky Villas, having been employed for four years now. Hezron is a responsible family man , supporting a lovely wife , son and two daughters. He understands the importance of working hard and delivering on a demanding job , and he delivers well.

Hezron is responsible for a a team of ten housekeepers that he is required to manage . In his role he has to source these key people, he has to hire them and enlist rosters and schedules for a smooth operation every single day. He has to do this to the highest standard because that is what is expected, and what the guests expect too. Hezron goes about his duties with ease and efficiency , you will often see him buzzing about the Atlantic seaboard in his vehicle with SeaSky branding on the doors.

When asked about the best part about his job, Hezron had this to say: “ Debbie , I see the answer to your question as two fold. Firstly I love to ensure that the properties are in top notch condition, ready to receive guests. These guest should feel as if they have come home. Secondly, I thoroughly enjoy talking to our guests during check – in and check- out. My job is to assist them with their needs and to make their stay easy, comfortable and enjoyable.”

Well who could argue with that I say, isn’t this what we would all like to hear when taking a trip away from home? One works hard all year round , hence the expectation on delivery when one takes a holiday is huge. This is why Hezron is proactive and determined about getting it so right, for the guests who choose their holiday stay with SeaSky Villas.


I asked Hezron what makes him different , what makes him stand out as a smooth operator? His answer: “ I believe in being humble, never forget where you have come from.” Hezron also sees himself as creative , he loves people and he enjoys meeting their needs.

This makes for a dynamite package of efficiency and humility, which leads to delivery with an outcome which is nothing less than successful!Hezron is an integral cog in the fast turning wheel that is SeaSky Villas.