That perfect find

So, here you are in our Mother City, Cape Town: it’s cosmopolitan, world-class and creativity abounds.

Naturally you would want to take home a few prized gifts for the ones you love. Allow me to let you in on some well-kept secrets – specialised niche boutiques, high-end establishments and luxury shops – you will be delighted to look at the unique and unusual gifts Cape Town has to offer.

Now, I really had to discipline myself and only detail five of the best. As a noted serial shopper I could easily fill a book, but as this is a blog, you will have to trust me that this is an excellent offering.

Missibaba: Exquisite handmade accessories

This emphasis here is on handmade. Paying this store a visit is an absolute must if you love beautiful individually styled handbags. They range from large totes to the body-crossing hipster to an elegant clutch. The most exquisite leather: plain, patterned or textured, is used. The purchase of a bag here guarantees that you will have a bag like no other. They also boast a range of distinctive handmade earrings and belts.

Kirsten Goss: Jewellery

Kirsten Goss’s Jewellery is far from staid and pedestrian; her pieces are eclectic, displaying an intrinsic mix of both subtle and bold. A purchase from this well-known South African craftswoman will be a treasured keepsake for many a lifetime. Her work is executed to the highest standard of pure craftsmanship, hand finished, meticulous and quite perfect. If you are an individual with a keen sense of style paying one of her stores a visit will definitely bag you a prize piece to take back home.

Avoova: Creative Design establishment

An ode to the African Ostrich, Avoova is an ethical and creative design establishment born in Prince Albert, a small town in the Karoo. Their ethos is weighted to authenticity, sustainability and social upliftment.

Avoova supports a fairly large team at their factory and take great care to only make use of hatched or non fertalised ostrich eggs, rendering the sustainability element mentioned earlier.

This makes a purchase from Avoova about much more than just the exclusive item you have selected – there is the assurance that behind the brand is a conscience and an awareness of treading carefully and leaving a light ecological footprint, both as a manufacturer and a retailer. Avoova offers bespoke unique pieces of jewellery, tables, bowls, mirrors and much more. Artisans that do magical work with shards of Ostrich shells, working them into glorious textures, colours and patterns to produce true and outstanding works of art.

Crossley & Webb: The Motoring and investment specialists

Motoring enthusiasts, Gareth Crossley and Bryan Webb have pooled their knowledge and their shared passion for motoring. In a collaborative effort they have conjured up a very unique and special place in Gardens in Cape Town, Crossley and Webb.

Their business prides itself on offering turnkey solutions for the enthusiast. Including restoration, servicing and storage, they could perhaps also broker the purchase of a 1984 Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible or perhaps a 1971 Mercedes Benz 280 SL Pagoda (my personal favourite!). Whatever takes your fancy!

If you are a motoring enthusiast, I recommend a visit. Even if you are not in the market for a classic, sports or luxury vehicle, you will find great joy in feasting your eyes on the array of vehicles parked in this vast luxury warehouse. There is even an opportunity for an espresso or macchiato from their very sexy coffee bar, whilst you parade the floor – either dreaming ,or on the phone to your personal banker.

Cape Cobra: Luxury Leather Accessories

Cape Cobra is a family-owned and managed luxury leather accessories business, proudly spanning a few generations. The number 1402 was their first-ever crafted handbag made from the finest exotic leather.

They steadily grew from a home-based leather craft initiative into that of a world-class leader in their field.

The company has three core pillars on which their business has been built:

  • innovation and design
  • accessories crafted from the finest exotic leather
  • a strong sense of responsibility and caring for their team.

Cape Cobra produces some of the world’s finest luxury exotic leather accessories made from the skins of the Nile crocodile, ostrich, lizard, whip snake and python.

The skins for their products are obtained ethically, and traded under the stringent guidelines of the Conservation of International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).

The breathtaking range of exquisite creations includes handbags of all sizes, belts, pen holders and purses. Their private labeling manufacturing has led them to some of the world’s leading design houses. They have a showroom in Green Point, Cape Town that showcases their classic as well as new collections.