The beautiful city of Cape Town, finds herself in a difficult drought …

In spite of this, we still have a lot to offer. Magnificent vistas , (which are still green), glorious sunsets over the Atlantic, supported by sexy cocktails from your perch of choice. And my , is there at lot of choice! Places to visit, things to do and see ( and I’ll tell you all about that in another blog). At SeaSky Villas we offer you a stay that is luxurious, taking care of the minutest detail to ensure a holiday to be remembered, and all of this while living through a drought!

Capetonians are survivors, we are resourceful, and we are fierce in the protection and the love for our beautiful Mother City. Are we concerned…… , yes. Are we depressed and negative about our temporary peril….., no! What we are is pro-active, and we encourage you as a visitor to our city and as as our guests of SeaSky Villas, to join our army of water warriors and assist us in saving the world wide precious resource of WATER!

How Capetonians and her visitors are surviving the drought of 2017


When you arrive in Cape Town and you look around , you would be hard pressed to believe that we are indeed living in a period of drought. Our mountains, valleys and fields are green, no dry desert crusty land in sight. Yet we have a concerning water crisis on hand, due to insufficient rainfall.


About 70% of all our water in the city is consumed by its residents in their homes, hence the conserving of water is a high priority. Effective immediately as prescribed by the City of Cape Town, is the limiting of personal water consumption to that of less than 87L per person , per day. This heralds Level 5 water restrictions in the our city.


SeaSky Villas needs your collaboration as our valued guests and visitors to our beautiful city, this is what we have implemented to assist the city in the conservation of the world-wide precious resource, WATER

  • No irrigation or watering of gardens. Our gardens remain beautiful for the most part due to indigenous landscaping
  • No filling or topping up of pools or jacuzzi s with drinking water
  • We have installed pool backwash tanks to recycle water and installed grey water systems where possible
  • All our pools have pool covers to halt evaporation
  • We divert gutter water into our pools where possible
  • No bathing or jacuzzi usage
  • Buckets in all showers to catch water, we use this water to flush our toilets
  • The laundering of our linen is limited to once a week
  • All dirty dishes are to be rinsed first in a basin which fits into our sinks, before placing into the dishwasher.
  • Dishwashers are only used when filled to capacity with dishes
  • Do not let water run when brushing your teeth , we recommend using a small cup
  • Do not let the shower water run continuously when taking a shower. Lather and then turn the water back on for rinsing, limiting to a two minute shower per person per day
  • Drink bottled water only


You can still enjoy your stay in the Mother City of Cape Town, whilst being concious of your water usage

As Capetonians we have embraced our current water crisis rather than digging our heads in the sand , like the Ostrich that you will no doubt see on your visit to Cape Point. We have become true Water Warriors, this translates into consistent messages of encouragement coming at us on our social feeds, and our choice of media stimuli. Ideas and tips on water saving and having fun whilst doing it. Implementing water saving games with our children and in so doing, instilling excellent life long habits in the current generation and the ones to come. A respect for this precious resource that perhaps wasn’t there before , what with the historic generous rainfall that we as Capetonians had come to take for granted.


In spite of our temporary water crisis, we are still the most beautiful, vibrant, energetic and sexy city South of the equator! We encourage you more than ever to visit and stay in our beautiful Mother City of Cape Town. She will not disappoint, she is still the gracious hospitable host that you, your family and friends will be so fortunate to experience.


Water is synonymous with the very existence of all living creatures, it is our sustenance, it is our essence, it is life! Come visit , book your stay with SeaSky Villas and enjoy our peninsula where the Atlantic Ocean abounds……..where water abounds in our Oceans!