As a visitor to Cape Town, there is a very wide net of excellent and worthy food and craft markets. It would take you many Saturdays to visit each one and as you are here on holiday and every moment counts, you likely need to choose carefully.

I have selected three within a mere 3-4 kilometre radius from your base, at any of the SeaSky Villas.

The Neighbourhood Goods market , also refereed to as the Old Biscuit Mill

373 Albert Road Woodstock

Cape Town

Every Saturday 9am – 3pm

This is one of the city’s oldest and most long-standing markets, birthing itself in 2006 when food suddenly became as fashionable as our attire. What with Nigella and Jamie filling our homes with their constant and accessible manna!

It has most certainly earned its right of passage in the Woodstock corridor , which was once a tired and dilapidated suburb. This market was undoubtedly a spring board, for the major regeneration and urbanisation that is happening in and around Woodstock.

The area is now a funky melting pot of cosmopolitan , young and old , all living together harmoniously. From this has sprung a font of creativity ,inspiration and innovation. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you make a trip to this vibey area you will discover the gems of this fabulous market , but also so many other hidden treasures in the surrounds.

This market acts as a powerful platform for the passionate artisnal crafter. A market where Captonians are the very pedlars of their personal passions. This is a highly social, fun market , a meeting place of like minded fun-filled foodies, who enjoy chilling out whilst indulging on good food after a long hard week of slog. No pretences , no fuss no frills. .Food and drink from the – finest roasted coffee beans , cheese, mezze accompaniments, the most exquisite tarts and petite cakes. Organic heirloom veggies grown with love, handmade charcuterie ….you’d think it was imported from Europe its that good! And my personal favourite, the most exquisite blooms that you won’t easily find elsewhere. If you are not a main stream flower kind of person , then this is the market where you will find treasures such as the artichoke flower, the leek in bloom and so many more that will make you jump up and down in delight….. . ( sorry, that’s me I’ve just described there).

They always seem to have Banksia (a kind of a bushel, duster on a handle looking flower) , which I adore for their fire- hot hues that add splashes of colour to your home.

Moving out of the foodie shed, you will find other wares such as clothing both vintage and current, leather bags and shoes beautifully handmade and finely crafted inexpensive jewellery.

If you are going to leave your SeaSky Villa to do a market trawl , this is a good place to start! Do take my advice and make sure you arrive before 9.30 am, else you will be shoving your way through throngs of hungry Captonians battling to reach the gold!

Oranjezicht City – Farm Market

Granger Bay Boulevard, V & A Waterfront

Cape Town

Every Saturday from 9am

Now this is a food market to be taken seriously!

Stall holders are made up of independent farmers ,and also those who are passionate artisnal food producers.

Many Captonians come here for their weekly food shop . They shop here because they are conscious of treading lightly on our planet. The organisers and the hosts of this market take food, our food, very seriously. They are the drivers of the Food Dialogues report which is available to any who want to engage. This is a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts on creating a more conscious and fair food system for all.

The patrons here want to know the source of their food , they want to know the journey of their food. From the ground it was sown in, to the beast that grazed upon that ground and then finally, to their baskets and their tables.

Based on this , you will find nourishment here for all and everyone. The carnivores, the vegetarians, the vegans, the raw foodies, the wheat and gluten intolerant, and those who seek sugar and dairy free alternatives.

Before you fill your weekly basket , you will no doubt be wanting a snack of sorts. I’m warning you in advance….you will be hard pressed to make a choice for your brekkie ( our local word for breakfast) , just because there is so much beauty and bounty surrounding you. Be wise choose small and carefully, because you will want to taste so much!

The take home bounty ranges from heirloom veggies, exquisite fruit, organic dairy, raw honey, free- range eggs , artisnal bread, pesto, home made chutney and mayo. Added to this, edible plants,seedlings, compost and garden supplies are available too!

A very unique feature of this market is the opportunity to purchase a gift voucher!

This is a wonderful gift to give those who care as much about the earth and where their food comes from, as the giver.

The atmosphere here is filled with hope and honesty , do go and feast !

The Hope Street Farmers Market, also refereed to as The City Bowl Market

14 Hope Street Gardens

Every Thursday 4.30 pm – 8.30pm

This is a cosy intimate evening market with a beautiful vibrant energy. Trading happens in a magical old historic building in the suburb of Gardens Cape Town.

There are about thirty stall holders to choose from , they have all been carefully

selected for their contribution to this special market. This market is all about community,a coming together of remarkable artisnal crafts people, who care much about sustainability and the standard of food and drink that they offer. Offering global cuisine that will make your taste – buds sing! You should find good tasty food here for most palettes. Whilst you are meandering your way along the stalls , you will be entertained further by the performance of a live local band. A great way to ease into the upcoming weekend, I say!

On the last Thursday of every month, this markets hosts a Fashion Market. Here you will find garments and jewellery that is for the individual that is you. So make sure you arrive with some cash for that special item that takes your fancy , or perhaps a hand made gift to take back home if you are a Sea Sky visitor.

This is all good reason enough, to ditch the stove on a Thursday evening. To gather a party of your best food loving mates for an early dinner, and a bit of swaying about to the groove of that local band. What’s not to love!