Meet The Team

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”~ Phil Jackson.

SeaSky Villa Management holds, at its core, an extraordinary group of people each of which contribute their own unique skill set, work ethic, and vision. Together we achieve and deliver unforgettable experiences, whether it be with our valued guests,villa owners or trusty suppliers.


Esta-Marita Opperman

The visionary and blaze behind the business. Esta-Marita brings a unique energy, leadership and operational prowess to the table that has seen her business grow from strength to strength, while successfully navigating the ever changing tourism landscape with a grace and confidence that outshines the rest. Esta-Marita has a background in yoga teaching and is also a reiki master. This has taught her how to keep wise and calm under the most intense pressure – which is basically every day in this job! With a keen eye for detail, combined with her unconventional approach to business, Esta-Marita is a force to be reckoned with.



Elijah Nkhoma

Proudly introducing Elijah, all the way from beautiful Malawi. He is Esta-Marita’s right-hand man and has helped her build the business from the ground up as of day one. With years of brilliant, all round villa management experience under his belt, Elijah continues to shine, grow, and provide world-class hospitality to our esteemed guests from all over the globe. A finer gentleman you will never find. He is humble, shares his success with his dedicated team, and takes responsibility and service excellence to new heights.

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Hezron Wadamu

Our incredible Hezron manages a sizeable portion of our luxury portfolio. Although he was born in Nelspruit, he grew up in Malawi, also known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, and it shows. Hezron delights our guests from near and far with his humble, dedicated and hands-on service approach. Making our guests feel welcome is a great joy for Hezron, who has been one of SeaSkys’ pillar members for many years. In addition, Hezron also manages our large casual housekeeping team with effortless efficiency. He is a great asset to our tight-knit hospitality and villa management team.

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Tarryn Manderson

Tarryn assists Esta-Marita in all aspects of the business, including reservation enquiries, marketing strategies, month end account reconciliation, property inspections, and relationship management with our valued property owners, rental guests and suppliers. Her strong supportive role to Esta is a large contributing factor in terms of enabling our business to achieve its objectives. Her exuberant, humorous and disciplined temperament creates a wonderful synergy within the SeaSky team.

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Kerry-Ann Crous

Kwazulu-Natal born & bred Kerry-Ann comes from a strong hospitality and safari background but most recently specializing in the niche luxury villa rental market. This makes her the perfect person to manage all our reservation enquiries with flair and panache! With her heart always following the coast, Kerry-Ann moved to Cape Town several years back – and we could not be happier! She thrives under pressure and has a keen understanding of what the discerning villa rental guest would expect, delivering on those needs swiftly. She is a fantastic team player and collaborates well with other departments to ensure guest needs are met beyond expectation.

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Natalie Gautier

Natalie has been working with the SeaSky brand since 2017 and is responsible for creating our newsletters, marketing campaigns, engaging with guest reviews, assisting on Linkedin and all of our wonderful design work. She does a great job executing our design needs and effectively communicates our brand values across all channels. Natalie creates our marketing copy, maintains our website and develops all of our new property brochures. She has a firm understanding of the SeaSky brand and has a wonderfully kind way of conveying this to the world.

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Ozzy Ismail

His big and tough exterior belie his truly kind inner beauty. Esta- Marita relies heavily on Ozzy to meet our ever growing demand for hands-on construction, repairs, servicing and world-class maintenance. He joined the SeaSky team in 2013 in a part-time capacity, but his presence within the business quickly developed into a full-time role. This has not always been the line of work that Ozzy has been involved in. Ozzy hung up his suit and tie from managerial roles at the likes of the 12 Apostles Hotel, The Cape Grace and The Table Bay Hotel, bringing with him to SeaSky a wealth of hospitality experience. He is someone who understands the level of service it takes to stay at the top of your game!


Irene Butterworth

After many years in the corporate sector, Irene joined the Seasky team in 2018. Her role includes recording the daily inflow and outflow of funds, updating the records and ensuring allocations are processed to the correct accounts in the general ledger. It is imperative to regularly update the system to ensure the most recent transactions are on display thereby guaranteeing team members are prepared for the guests arrival. Irene keeps our accounts immaculate, which facilitates efficient dealings with our property owners and suppliers. Last but not least, she takes control of all those pesky year end reports meticulously.